Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After the big announcement we've received some questions on how the evening is going to go. I'll try to answer a few here:

1. So, is Doctor Horrible going to be shown early, say at eleven, or are we going to be at the theater until four in the morning? Either is fine by me, but I'd like to know whether I need to pencil an afternoon nap into my plans. (I'm getting old, man.)

Dr. Horrible will be shown FIRST and will start at midnight each evening and Serenity will be shown directly afterward. This will get us out around 3am so try to get that nap in if you can.

2. So let me ask for clarification...because i want to make sure I understand this completely. On both Friday June 19th and Saturday June 20th the films Serenity AND Dr Horrible will be shown. Both Films...both nights. Not one film one night and the next the other night.

That is correct!! (So I hope you had a bet with someone about it. Then they need to pay up. ) BOTH films will play on both nights.

3. It looks to me like it starts Friday night at 1155p and continues til about 3am Saturday Morning. Officially it will be a "Midnite" show.. but if you list a midnite show, do you do it for Friday or Saturday? folks will be confused.

That is why we list the start time as 11:55pm so we can avoid the confusion of "Is Midnight considered Friday or Saturday?". At least with having events showing both nights the chances of someone being wrong are missing out are greatly reduced. (Although don't show up Thursday or Sunday night - no one will be there. Besides, you have the work the next day.)

4. Are you having the food raffle again this year? If so, what are the prizes?

Yes we are having another food raffle this year and the prizes this year will be great. Once again our friends at The Prop Store of London came through and has given us yet ANOTHER prop used in the film Serenity as a grand prize. We'll have the complete list of prizes here as we get closer to the date.

5. When you tickets go on sale? I don't want to miss out!! Also, why did the price go up this year?

Tickets will go on sale in a couple of weeks at the Coolidge Corner Box Office or online at www.coolidge.org. We'll make the announcement here when that happens. Also, with the addition of Dr. Horrible we had the bump our ticket price up slightly to make up for additional expenses.

I hope that clears up things for now. If you have a comment or question, feel free to add to the comments below.


Caitlin said...

How much are tickets?

New England Science Fiction Events said...

$15 if you pre-order. Tickets are now on sale!

Castle said...

I have some questions about how you set up this event. Please email me: castlecon2009@gmail.com.

Sabrina said...

I never recieved a confirmation email after ordering tickets. Should I have?

Flandry said...

Well, i tried three times to preorder and it can't handle my second CC. My primary one isn't even accepted (AmEx) so i can't follow the advice "Try a different card".

Too bad, i was excited about it.