Thursday, June 18, 2009

What you need for CSTS Boston

The time is almost here!!! CSTS Boston is happening tomorrow and Saturday!!! For those who are coming, here is what you need to get the most out of the night:

  • Bring food: Not popcorn or soda - the Coolidge will have that for you. I'm talking about bringing non-perishable food items for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Every item you bring gets you a raffle ticket to win some awesome prizes and some more awesome prizes!! The more you bring the better your chances.
  • Bring cash: We are going to have a limited number of t-shirts, posters, cloth patches and limited edition CSTS postcard sets. And we are only going to be taking cash. But if you are going to be strapped that night and want a t-shirt badly or get there after we sell out, you can order one here until June 25th. Also bring cash for popcorn and soda as well - the Coolidge deserves our support for letting us take over the place.
  • Bring your Brain: While we are waiting to go in for the show we will be having some trivia contests to test your Horrible and 'verse knowledge. Winners will be entered into the CSTS global prize draw for a chance to win some really exceptional prizes including a Dollhouse poster signed by Joss Whedon and a $75 Visa gift card donated by the Kids Need to Read Fountation.
  • Bring your voice: We expect there will be alot of singing during Dr. Horrible and woots, laughs and cheers during Serenity. Or you can sit there like a lump - your choice.
We are really stoked about the full evening we have for you. And remember, today is the LAST day you can get tickets at the advance price. So if you haven't yet click on the tickets on the right NOW and we'll see you there!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Here's a question for ya....I went last year and enjoyed the several hours milling around with fans beforehand, trivia, singing etc...the weather forecast looks absolutely dismal this year though. Is there a rain plan?