Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What IS a Shadowcast?

If you saw our flyer, you might be asking yourself: "Self.......what is a Shadowcast?"

A Shadowcast is a troupe of actors who recreate a film on stage that is playing in the background. The live actors emulate, enhance, and interpret what is happening on the screen. The most famous example of a shadowcast is for the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" but recently have expanded to "Repo: The Genetic Opera"and, of course, "Dr. Horrible".

When we show "Dr. Horrible" on June 18th, it will be shadowcast by the Teseracte Players of Boston. They will not only perform a shadowcast of "Dr. Horrible" but also, for the first time anywhere, "Commentary: The Musical", a musical performance by the Dr. Horrible cast and crew of the DVD Commentary of the film. It will be a fun and unique experience.

So don't miss out and get your tickets for this fun event today!!!